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Protect Your Peace - Howlite Pendant Necklace

Protect Your Peace - Howlite Pendant Necklace

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*Each piece is handcrafted to order, ensuring a lead time of two weeks for exceptional quality.

ThisProtect Your  Peace Sign  necklace is  made of refined and polished Howlite gemstone
Howlite is believed by many to have calming and anxiety relieving properties.
Often used in meditation practices it promotes serenity and removes distractions.
Howlite  always makes for intentional and meaningful jewelry
A tangible reminder of self care and love.

The Howlite Peace sign measures 2 /14"

This Protect Your  Peace charm  comes  strung on the softest buckskin leather.
The tie finish ensures you can have the perfect length you want for any outfit.
Wear it as a pendant or double the cord for a striking choker.

Each piece  in my artisanal collection
is  made here in my Southern California Studio
infused with our SoCal Lifestyle.
Collect pieces for yourself
or give as gifts for a heartfelt sentiment to wear.

Wear a single piece of collect a set
for your own version of 
Down to Earth Glamour!

This  beautiful necklace  comes gift boxed, tied with cotton twill ribbon
and finished with a signature hand crafted pearl charm
that can be repurposed on anything.
It's a gift on the wrapping!

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