Tamera Beardsley


I design  fashion accessory pieces that celebrate the good days and provide Armor and Confidence on the challenging days. It's my intent to inspire women with the Joy and Empowerment of personal style. Whether you need some artful outfit polish, quick and easy glamour, a bit of armor and confidence or just a bit of Wearable Joy. My designs can empower your personal style and inspire you to Make your Life Your Art with my luxury, handcrafted pieces made with love and a desire to be cherished.

My Story

As a Fashion Accessory Designer and Life Stylist by Trade, I've been writing a Life Style Blog for the last ten years sharing my passion for Personal Style, Reinvention and Resilience. I am excited now to launch my latest Fashion Accessory Collection! Inspired by our Southern California Beaches and glorious nature. Each handmade piece is infused with my signature "Down to Earth Glamour" and destined to add Joy and Confidence to any outfit!

I have been immersed in the world of design for as long as I can remember. My passion even goes back to my childhood, when I created clothing, accessories, and furniture for my dolls. The journey continued through high school, when I worked in our family’s fabric store as a clothing design instructor. In college, I pursued fashion merchandising, studied International Business at NYU and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from UCLA. After finishing my education I entered the corporate world of retail, only to leave shortly thereafter to start and own my Fashion Accessory company. My fashion accessory line became my focus, which attracted attention from many movies, television, and celebrities. My pieces made debuts in Italian Moda, Women’s Wear Daily, and Elle Magazine, as well as several television series and movies.

With three children under the age of four, I took a break from my business to dedicate time to raising my wonderful children. I didn't want to miss a moment of their childhood. My attention turned to creating spaces, clothes and accessories for our family. As a personal endeavor to enrich my children’s lives with creativity and adventure, I chose to home school my three for a decade. The years were rich, with the intent to foster the spirit of creativity and love.

Personal Style, Reinvention and Resilience have been corner stones in my life. Great clothes and design always bring me excitement. In one form or another, I have pursued design my entire life. Whether it be gardening, designing my Southern California home, or going on new adventures, there is always a vein of creativity running through my passions.

Now it is with great excitement I am launching my new California Artisan Fashion Accessory Collection! It has been on my bucket list for years to design a new line that "Inspires the Joy and Empowerment of Personal Style at any age" Designs that can "be worn in Celebration on the good days and also provide protective armor on the challenging days".